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You want the best dentistry that exists, you want it to last a long time, and you want it to make you healthier and feel better! And you want it to be affordable. 

Dr. Lassen has become an expert at health-based and cosmetic dentistry. His number one goal is to help you live as long as possible. This is done by giving you more reasons to smile, better teeth to chew and eat, and by making sure that your body is going to keep feeling great and working well.

He has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to learning the most advanced dentistry available. You will be amazed at his expert use of esthetics to build an amazing smile that will last a long time.

Beyond a beautiful smile, your mouth is the entrance to your body. Your healthy body starts with your lips and teeth. Your mouth is the starting point to feel better. 

Many breathing problems will be seen by Dr. Lassen, often before your primary physician finds it. Chronic pain, stress, and other systemic diseases will be spotted by him early on as well.


He will make sure to let you know what he finds and steer you to getting the help you need. Dr. Lassen has been trained in orofacial pain, TMJ therapy, Sleep Apnea, and is always on the lookout for all the other diseases that can affect your life, such as diabetes, heart disease, mouth and throat cancers, inflammation, and more.

About Us


Comprehensive Exams


We will check your teeth, gums, cheeks, lips, TMJ, facial muscles, throat, lymph nodes, and salivary glands for anything unhealthy or abnormal

Cosmetic Dentistry


Dr. Lassen only does life-like, biomimetic restorations, to bring your function and appearance back to their natural state, or better.

Orofacial Pain and TMJ


Through careful analysis, imaging, and palpation, Dr. Lassen can help you find the sources of your pain, headaches, and stress. Using Trigger Point Injections, BOTOX, custom nightguards, and more, he will help you feel great again.

Periodontal Health


It's easy to overlook the importance of your gums and bones. They are the foundation that your teeth rest in and the guardians of your body. We will make sure that your mouth stays free of infections that can affect your entire body and mind.

Implants and Dentures


With the best state-of-the-art technology, Dr. Lassen can plan and place implants or dentures where they will look, function, and fit the best so that you can eat healthy and live a long life.

Breathing and Sleep Apnea


When you snore or hold your breath in your sleep, you are suffocating your body, interrupting your sleep, and damaging your body. Sleep tests, 3D imaging, and custom nightguards will get you feeling better quickly!

Our Services

Meet Dr. Lassen


Dr. Lassen is fascinated by everything! Ask him about a topic and he'll probably start talking your ear off, especially if it's related to any kind of science, exercise, health, surfing or the outdoors. If there's water involved, he is all over it!

He's focusing his life on helping others live as long and healthy as possible and he plans on playing the "long game" himself, having had 6 grandparents and great grandparents live well into their 90's. 

He has always been artistically inclined and loves to find the beauty in everything. He's played 4 different instruments in marching and Jazz bands, has sung in many different choirs in and out of church, loves to take pictures with his DSLR, and enjoys writing. He's even written a book you can buy on Amazon. OR click the links below for a free copy of the PDF or ebook. We'll have the audiobook up online soon!


Dr. Lassen got to go with a group of dentists to the far west side of the Dominican Republic and help the workers living on the large banana plantations.

Our Dentists
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Dr. Lassen is fantastic! It's great to go to a dentist that is honest, and exceptional at what they do.

P Lynch

Dr. Lassen is an amazing Dentist who helped me with a crown procedure, he is very kind and gentle. His staff is very friendly too. It didn't take them long to get to know us and our names. I would absouletly recommend him to my family and friends. Dr. Lassen even came out to chat with us when he didn't have anymore patients. That was a very nice personable touch, we thought.

J Jax

This is by far the best dentist I have had. They have a new facility, modern equipment, and a friendly staff that makes sure you are comfortable at all times.

B Johnson

If you have to see a dentist, there isn't a better place to go. Courteous, friendly, and well trained staff. I highly recommend.

D Hauptman

I'll be staying with Dr. Lassen for years to come.

S Witte

I went in for an emergency visit because part of one of my front teeth chipped off. This was my first time there and I was nervous because of having no insurance and the dr told me what should be done and I told him that I didn't have the money for a crown and he figured out a way to temporarily fix it without breaking my bank! He was very friendly, as well as the staff and trainees! This was probably one of my best experiences going to the dentist. I will be going to this dentist office for now on!

A Coleman

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